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Signal Desktop Builder For Mobian


This project builds Signal Desktop for Mobian Bookworm on Arm64, currently targeting tag v6.48.1.

This is the signed release: builds/release/signal-desktop_6.xx.x_arm64.deb.

Signature: builds/release/signal-desktop_6.xx.x_arm64.deb.sig.

Sha512Sum: builds/release/release.sha512sum.

Public Key: 0558260a88ff08f8dddf791fe73b9457917830506be3d8dbc1311e8d769c5ac777


  1. Clone the repo and build: git clone && cd Signal-Desktop-Mobian && ./
  2. Copy the .deb to your device, verify sha512sum, then: sudo apt install ./signal-desktop_6.xx.x_arm64.deb.

Current Status:

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